The Invisible Wall // A remarkable new defense system for southern Israel

By Y. Rabinovitz

The Israeli military is working on a 40-mile wall that will run the length of the nation's border with the Gaza Strip to counter tunnels dug by Palestinian militants.

If you were to pave a road with the same amount of concrete that was used to build this new wall, it would reach from Israel to Bulgaria. If you rolled out a cable made from the same quantity of steel, it would stretch to Australia.

This is a wall that required the construction of six new foundries to make enough concrete. A million cubic meters of earth were excavated, enough to fill 330,000 dump trucks, into which billions of shekels were figuratively poured.

The result is not just an Israeli accomplishment but an international one, as Israel has succeeded in erecting the first underground wall in the world. It is truly a technological marvel, extending 70 kilometers around the Gaza Strip, 

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