Donald Trump’s Revenge // An upcoming Supreme Court case has Democrats worried about 2024

By: Gershon Helman

This past US Supreme Court term created plenty of controversy and political turmoil, with several decisions by the Court’s conservative majority roundly denounced by liberals. But the Court’s decision to hear another case next term has some Democrats screaming even louder—because they say that the Court could allow Donald Trump to, in their words, steal the presidency in 2024.
The case in question, Moore v. Harper, revolves around a somewhat arcane legal theory.
According to those who oppose it, “independent state legislature” theory could overturn American democracy. They see the possibility of the Supreme Court justices who were put in place by Trump helping to hand him the election. Those who believe in it, on the other hand, say that it returns oversight of the way federal elections are run at the state level to the proper bodies—the state legislatures—and takes it out of the hands of usurpers like the state courts and public referendums.

What is Moore v. Harper about?


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