Satmar Solidarity at a Business Expo

By: Gershon Helman

Yoel Fried

“A kehillah is not just a collection of people. It is a cohesive unit that cares for and looks out for each other in all areas of life, including parnasah.”

That is how marketing guru Yoel Fried describes the vision behind the “Zeh MiZeh” Expo, which is taking place this Wednesday in Edison, New Jersey.

The expo will bring together hundreds of Satmar-owned businesses, with a goal of informing the thousands of Satmar community members about what their fellow Satmar chasid has to offer, as well as providing them with a forum to market their products and expand their sales and services within their own kehillah. Within Satmar itself, there is a huge economy.

This expo seeks to bring it all together under one roof and displaying it comprehensively to the entire extended kehillah.

While similar events have been held by other chasidic groups, such as Belz and Bobov, this will be even larger. At the Zeh MiZeh Expo, over 300 booths have been reserved for businesses of all kinds. Hundreds of businesses of every product and service imaginable will be showcasing their wares, with over 5,000 attendees expected to take the opportunity to check out the variety of businesses operated by their own community members and see how they can benefit while keeping the business within the community. The companies that will be present will run the gamut from financial services companies to construction supply companies to high-tech software developers.

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