A Snap Diagnosis// What was causing my baby so much pain?

Parenting With Slovie Jungreis Wolff

When my fifth child was born, I thought I had this whole mommy thing down pat. I was working part time as a fitness instructor and gym teacher in a local high school. I knew what I was doing, and this baby would be no different…or so I thought.
I should have been accustomed to being a tired mommy. My one princess, sandwiched between three older brothers and the new little one, had been quite difficult, screaming incessantly. But even after her, this little boy was rather unique.

For the first two months, Ari was a placid baby—so placid, in fact, that I could scarcely believe my luck. At the mother- and-baby convalescent home, he won awards in the nursery. Ari routinely slept 12 hours at night and awoke at 8 a.m., something my other babies had never done. He fed, burped, and gained weight nicely. I was very relieved to be spared of the howling that I had experienced with Temi.
Unfortunately, the peace was not to last. At two months, Ari’s temperament changed radically.

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