The Second Time // A deep connection and a special messenger

Parenting With Slovie Jungreis Wolff

Baby feet in mother hands close-up. Mom and her newborn. Happy Family, concept of Maternity

Our first child, a son, was born right before Chanukah, two months before our first anniversary. It was still shanah rishonah when we took pictures of our beautiful baby boy next to the menorah. As you can imagine, fertility problems weren’t on my list of potential problems in life. Little did I know what the future would bring.

Several years passed. By now, our dear son was pining for a younger sibling, and my husband and I were desperate for another child. The first time I walked into the office of my reproductive endocrinologist I was in my mid-20s, sitting among women in their 40s still trying to have their first child. I tried losing myself in a Tehillim before my name was called. “You shouldn’t have any problems,” Dr. Klein said during our first in-person discussion after getting the results of my bloodwork. “I believe that without any medical intervention at all you’ll be able to have a baby very soon.” Sadly, he was wrong.

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