Where Are My Keys? // The saga of my constant searching By Nechama Dina Smith

Parenting With Slovie Jungreis Wolff

Car key isolated on the wooden table

Sometimes my life has so many twists and turns that it reminds me of that children’s book that has “fortunately” on one page and “unfortunately” on the next until the very end of the story. In the course of a single day, I can vacillate between feeling like a total loser and a big prize winner every few hours.

So there we were, all set to go on a trip to Target with a couple of children who deserved a prize. Supper was on the table, the hubby was home, instructions for the evening had already been issued and we were ready to head out. That would fall into the fortunate category. The unfortunate part was that I couldn’t find the key to my car, so we couldn’t actually go. 

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