The Monster// by Dr. Shulamis Weissman Seuss

Parenting With Slovie Jungreis Wolff

It’s that time of year
The time you fear
Oh no! IT is here!
The THEME looms near

IT looms big and wide
IT looms inside
IT looms outside
There’s nowhere to hide

From the missing scheme
That beastly, ghastly theme
IT looms in your room
IT looms when you broom

IT looms when you look
IT looms when you cook
IT looms when you work
IT looms when you shirk

IT fills up your head
IT fills up your bed
IT fills your dream
IT makes you scream

Oh, the weeps you weep
The bad sleep you sleep
No more can you relax
While the theme lacks.

Oh, the shakes you shake
And the smile you fake
Oh, the headaches you ache


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