When They Walk Through the Door // What to say when the kids come home

School can be stressful. School
can be fun. School can be intimidating for a child.
Some kids love to chat and share, while others are more reticent and keep things to themselves. Those long hours in school are filled with all sorts of intellectual, physical and emotional stimulation and can be difficult to process and put into a few words when they get home.
If you want to know how your child’s day in school really was, you might have to put some thought into your questions and consider your kid’s personality before asking. Keep in mind that although you were once a kid, school has changed a lot since then.
Here are some tips for what to say, and what not to say, when a child comes home from school. Indirect questions often elicit the most revealing replies.
Choose wisely and don’t bombard your children with questions. The idea is to show interest and get them to share with you in a candid manner.

How was
your day?
That is probably the most clichéd and uninteresting question, followed by
What did you
learn today?
Do kids really want to recite some facts about American history or algebra? No, they do not. And they won’t.

Try something like
Who was your favorite teacher today?
This gives the child some autonomy in making a personal decision and evaluation. It shows you trust his or her thinking process. And of course, you should follow up with a curious

Speaking of teachers,
feel free to ask

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