The Bomb Scare // What did these policemen want with me? By Debbie Krausz

By Rivky Lefkowitz

My ninth month was fast approaching, and I was going to be traveling alone to London. I was very excited about the birth of my first child and about seeing my family in London. The plan was for my husband to stay an extra week in kollel and join me in London afterward. 

Blissfully unaware of what was to come, I checked in quickly and showed my doctor’s letter granting me permission to fly. I then boarded the EasyJet flight, eager to take my seat. I made myself comfortable, and with only ten minutes to takeoff, I took out something to read. 

Around 45 minutes later, with no sign of an impending takeoff, my fellow passengers began murmuring about what could be causing the delay. I whispered a few kapitlach of Tehillim and davened that we would take off shortly and smoothly.

Suddenly, two Israeli policemen came storming down the aisle. “Now what?” I thought. I was surprised when they stopped at my seat. 

Darkon!” they bellowed in unison, demanding my passport. 

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