Taste of Home: Recipes from my mother’s kitchen

Food is very much a vehicle for memory. We all have those holiday foods from childhood that become synonymous with that chag. So this year, the menu is very much a sentimental one, all inspired by my mother’s Pesach kitchen. I wanted to take what once graced my family’s table and reinvent it. It’s tradition reinspired, and it feels like a beautiful way to celebrate the special holiday of freedom.

The Table:
When it comes to Pesach, there is a strong feeling of tradition that underlies everything, so I kept things more traditional with fresh white linens, then balanced it out with modern, sharp black chargers and anemones. I love how simple this is; it’s classy and chic with minimal effort. But what makes this holiday different from all other holidays? Every holiday our tables are adorned with beautiful settings, glassware, linens and flowers. I wanted something special and unique for that little touch of holiday spirit, so I added these beautiful custom-made holiday cards. It’s the perfect Pesach menu card, including a list of the Order of the Seder so you can keep up, and extra space to add someone’s name for a place card, and it also doubles as a bookmark for your Haggadah. I tied it with a black velvet ribbon to add that deep richness and help tie everything together. We’re all set; now all you need to do is pour the wine! Cards available for purchase @the_chefs_wife_.

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