Your Freezer Friends: Stock your freezer with these Pesach deliciousness

Some of you may think I am completely crazy, but I love Pesach! Don’t you worry—I didn’t always feel this way. As I began making Pesach on my own, each year I slowly started feeling the thrill of getting organized as early as I could. It turned into a hobby for me. My friends love to make fun and ask me in February, “Did you prepare your ten pieces of bread yet?”

I think one of my favorite parts of Pesach is the simplicity of the ingredients. I have the honor of hosting my parents for half of Yom Tov and they only use the most basic of ingredients. I find it so much easier to work with less (less is more, right?). The food is wholesome and delicious and everybody enjoys it. The other half of Pesach is when I have a little more leeway with my ingredients, but I never get too crazy with my menu. Pesach in my house is all about the simple, easy recipes. We always have Sukkos and Shavuos to go a little over the top!
Here are some of my favorite freeze-ahead recipes!
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