Hack It!

As a rule, I don’t bake. There are two reasons why:
First, to me, baking means a delicate snow, folding, mixing, layering, pinching and/or brushing. Which all ends in a sink full of dirty measuring cups, spatulas and mixers. I simply don’t have the patience to devote so much of my time for something that disappears in a few chews.
The math just doesn’t add up.
So I compiled a repertoire of quick and easy no-mixer recipes.

But I still don’t bake.

That brings me to my second reason: too many calories.
You see, when I bake…I eat!
If I make a batch of cookies (‘cuz “dear someone” complained there are no baked goods in the house), I end up eating most of it. Yes, the “dear someone” will take one cookie (max two) the first day, and then—that’s it. For the rest of the week the cookie jar sits there on the counter mocking me daily. So I show it who’s boss and take one to spite it… Until I finish the entire batch.

I know, it’s a complicated algorithm.
So I came up with a novel system to beat this “baking=eating” monster.
I bake a variety of different cakes, cut them up into individual portions, Saran Wrap them, and stick them in the freezer.
I then let the people in the house know where they can find pre-portioned cake to take every day.
There was a slight glitch in the system.
I can never win.
But from time to time when I do need to have cake around (Purim/hosting season) or the mood to stock my freezer hits, this is what my “bake day” looks like:

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