Hunter Biden’s Legal Issues Loom // Is favoritism holding back an investigation?

There may be no unimportant person as important as Hunter Biden, the surviving son of the current president of the United States. A former addict with a dissolute lifestyle and a businessman of no great success, Hunter Biden is hardly worth much attention on his own. But he has become the center of massive political jousting since 2020, with Republicans and right-leaning media seeing in him a special treasure—a way of taking down his father.

Hunter Biden has clearly been a shady person who has sometimes engaged in criminal behavior. Tying his father to his misdeeds, however, has been the goal of Republicans. That hasn’t been easy. And with Hunter Biden possibly facing criminal charges, there has been an effort once again to tar Joe Biden in some way—and it is yet unclear whether that will have any success.

The Hunter Biden laptop incident during the presidential election and much of the media’s wariness about covering it convinced many Republicans that the liberal media would protect Hunter Biden at all costs. (The fact that the left-leaning New Yorker had run one of the few actual exposés on him wasn’t something they were taking into account.)

At the same time, it was clear that Republicans were fixated on Hunter Biden well beyond what his personal importance would warrant. (Almost nothing alleged is directly relevant to Joe Biden.) And as unpleasant as Hunter Biden is, we may all have to hear about him for a while longer.

Hunter Biden has had connection to a number of different shady stories, including those surrounding the Ukrainian energy company Burisma and a Chinese energy company. But the legal problems that he is really having right now are more prosaic: lying on a government form and in regard to his taxes.

Here are the latest issues that surround the miscreant Biden offspring.


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