Live Special at the J2C Conference

hen Shmiel Stern told me that he was planning a conference
dedicated to employees in the workplace, I was
intrigued. Shmiel has organized several of his Compass
Conferences in the past, including “The Boss Summit”
and “The Sales Seminar,” but none were ever dedicated to
the issues that employees face on a day-to-day basis.
In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized
that the topic of how employees can advance in their career
does not get enough coverage. Often, the concept of
entrepreneurship and running your own company is the
focus of career advancement. While there are lessons that
every employee can learn from successful entrepreneurs.
I have hosted several “Ami Lunchbreak Live” panels
in the past and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. On
a personal note, I feel privileged when people approach
me and share how they gain inspiration from the Lunchbreak
My panelists this time around were Yoel Felberbaum,
CEO of BFG, and David Pilchick, founder of Brooklyn
Low-Voltage Supply (BLVS).
Aside from running a successful insurance company,
Yoel is the founder of Renance, an organization that is
dedicated to empowering employees in the workplace. I
spoke to Yoel for several hours prior to the conference and
was inspired by how his dream is to help Yidden succeed
in business. Yoel has dedicated considerable money and
resources to help employees succeed in their careers,
and his advice is based not only on his personal experiences,
but on having counseled and advised hundreds of
employees over the past few years.
I asked David Pilchick to join the panel because of his
unique approach with his employees. Readers might
remember my Lunchbreak column with David, in which
I shared how he helps transform broken-spirited people
into productive and flourishing members of the workforce.
Yoel and David were once employees and are now
business owners, so they were able to provide insight and
analysis on both sides of the equation.
Although there were questions submitted prior to the
panel, our conversation was less of a question-and-answer
session and more of a free-flowing conversation. Yoel
and David’s advice on respect in the workplace, career
advancement, and employer-employee relationships is
based on real-life experiences. I believe that our talk will
lead to thought-provoking dialogue and conversations
between employees as well as between employers and

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