The Making of A Burger // Achieving the Ultimate Sear

Cooking on a Cast Iron
(or Your Heaviest Pan)

By now most people in the world have heard the word umami. If you haven’t, now you have, you’re welcome. We all know that a dark, deep, crusty brown steak is delicious. So when it comes to burgers we have the same goal. We want to achieve a crunchy, crispy, flavor-packed exterior contrasted by a fluffy, crumbly, juicy interior. Although it’s easy to say, it’s not as easily done. In order to accomplish this great feat we will need a high dosage of heat. Enter cast iron! [wild clapping] I have a double burner skillet and it is by far my favorite kitchen tool. Now, I know you have seen every article written suggesting to use a cast iron and still don’t own one. The reason why they suggest it is because they are amazing, so get one. But if you do not have a cast iron, use your heaviest pan.

Cooking Instructions
Place your cast iron skillet (with nothing on it) onto your hottest flame(s).
Turn on the highest heat for 10-15 minutes (you will probably see the pan start to smoke at this point).
Season both sides of your patty with a heavy dosage of salt and pepper.
Lightly grease your patty with a bit of oil.
Using a fish spatula, transfer patty to the ripping-hot skillet.
Press down lightly to ensure as much direct contact as possible (this will make your burger as crispy as humanly possible).
(Turn off your blaring smoke alarm.)
Sear on side A (shoutout to all those who remember tape cassettes) for 2-3 minutes.

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