Going Bananas // A little COVID-fueled humor By Susie Netzer

Parenting With Slovie Jungreis Wolff

I recently visited Israel with my husband and decided to look up some friends who had moved there from Europe in order to spend the best years of their lives among children and grandchildren. Baruch Hashem, most of our husbands were doing well but had similar symptoms of aging, including the development of benign hand tremors.

When we got back to Milan, my husband and I were both caught in the crosswinds of corona. Yes, we were both doubly vaccinated, but if you’re going to live your life, sometimes COVID rears its head anyway. Thankfully, we had mild cases. But for some reason, I—the supposedly haler and heartier spouse—was sicker, so I asked my husband to do some Amazon shopping for me and handed him a short list of fruits and vegetables. 

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