The Milchig Meal: Dairy dishes for your Yom Tov seudah

It’s so refreshing that we get to cook a dairy meal for Shavuos. I love the change from preparing my typical Yom Tov menu of chicken, meats, and roasts to cheesy and milky dishes. Getting a good balance of wholesome food and not going too crazy with the cheese can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why I like to serve the fish course as the main dish instead of the entree.
The recipes and tablescape showcased here are to inspire you in the kitchen and while setting your tables. But if this year you are sticking to just cooking the basics, I hope this feature transports your heart and mind from your stay-at-home quarantine to a beautiful garden party and that brings you some simchas Yom Tov!
Happy cooking (or dreaming!)

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