L’chaim! Cocktail recipes for a VERY happy Purim!

We’re not quite sure who will be manning the “bar” at your Purim party this year, but we are sure you will want to make these special mixes for your guests! These cocktail recipes are different from generic bar cocktails because they use simple and accessible ingredients to create flavors that are familiar to you. We also used a lot of fresh ingredients instead of artificial syrups so that the taste is more natural, and therefore more delicious.

Whenever we do a photo shoot, our friends love stopping by our studio to help us. Amidst all the chaos of cameras, lights, dishes and food are many helping hands. For this cocktail shoot there was a bigger turnout than usual. Some of our friends helped us create the cocktails (a special shoutout to E. Weinfeld and N. Kahana for sharing their expertise). Others were graciously doing the testing and judging, while the rest were our “hand models.” So if Purim is about bringing friends and family together, this feature has definitely already done that!

The best part of any project is deciding which direction to go with the photography. This piece is the perfect blend of freaky and fun, with hands sort of coming out of nowhere, which is perfect for this special time of year!

A freilichen Purim!

Drink safely!



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