Rabbis in Parliament // A group of senior rabbanim and askanim in England went to an unprecedented and historic meeting in the Houses of Parliament to meet senior government ministers and parliamentary officials, amidst the ongoing chinuch crisis that endangers the future of chinuch in the UK.

By Yoel Friedman

Adelegation of senior and leading rabbanim, amongst them the renowned rosh yeshivah Rav Elyakim Schlesinger, as well as Rav Shalom Friedman and Rav Dovid Halpern, headed to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster following a preparatory meeting in the home of the rosh yeshivah.

This was due to the ongoing chinuch crisis that troubles chareidi mosdos across the UK. Regulations from the Department of Education and its regulator Ofsted are making it nearly impossible for chareidi mosdos to operate and be mechanech their students properly.
In recent years, as a result of lobbying and intimidation by secular and humanist groups, Ofsted has been increasing its pressure to dramatically change and revamp the school curriculums to include both subjects that are in contradiction with the basics of emunah as well as teaching about relationships and protected characteristics on a very explicit level.
“This gezeirah is very close to the rosh yeshivah’s heart. He takes it very seriously,” says Rabbi Hershel Gluck, president of Shomrim North London and a long-time askan who was asked by the rosh yeshivah to arrange the historic meeting.

“This was not the first meeting,” he continues. “A meeting took place last year between the rosh yeshivah and Nick Gibb, MP and Minister of State at the Department for Education. That meeting took place at the department’s headquarters.

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