2 tablespoons Godiva chocolate liqueur
1 teaspoon chocolate syrup
nondairy creamer, chilled, to fill

For the Rim
chocolate syrup
toasted nut crunch

  1. (Optional) Coat the rim of the glass. Pour chocolate syrup into a shallow dish. Place nut crunch in a second shallow dish. Turn martini glass upside down, dipping first into chocolate, then immediately into nuts.
  2. Pour liqueur into martini glass. Add chocolate syrup. Then add nondairy creamer to fill. Whisk slightly. You can add more chocolate or liqueur if desired. Add slowly!


Yield: 1 glass


If you don’t want to use chocolate syrup to coat the rim of your glass, The Peppermill carries a piping gel made for this purpose. You can also use sugar or coconut as an alternative to the nuts.

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